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United We Win Personal Campaign Pages




For EVERY personal campaign page created and shared by a current donor or by someone who makes a donation via their page, an anonymous donor will make a gift of $100 to the Centre County United Way general fund -- up to $50,000. Think of it! 500 donors and an additional $50,000 will be made available to support our Partner Network programs!

It is EASY to create your own Personal Campaign Page and share it with your friends, family, and network. The staff at United Way are always available to assist you with any questions.

1. Click on the link below.

2. Create your page.

3. Wait for it to be approved.  You will get an email telling you the page is approved and ready to be shared.

4. Share your page on social media, through email or text, on linkedin, etc AND ask those
you share it with to make a page of their own and share it with their friends!

5. Make a donation through your page if you would like to (DO THIS AFTER YOUR PAGE HAS BEEN APPROVED!).



For  EVERY Personal Campaign Page that is created  and shared, $100 will be donated to the Campaign Fund through a $50,000 match created by 2 of our most loyal and generous supporters!

The following supporters of Centre County United Way are raising money for the 2017 Campaign through the United We Win Personal Campaign Pages. You can click on their name to visit their page and make a donation to support their campaign:


Megan Evans

Ann Guss

Catherine Alloway

Hugh Mose

Ja Nea Wian

Janet Santostefano

Dave Pribulka

Colleen Williams

Monica Wright

Melanie Phillips

Cindy Pasquinelli

Amy Wilson

Carol Pioli

Marissa Marino

Cindy Polinski

Jason Browne

Jeannine Lozier

Beth Shaha