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United We Win Personal Campaign Pages


The Cente County United Way Annual Campaign is the primary way that money
is raised in our community to support programs that offer all residents of
Centre County assistance with a variety of health and human service needs. 
Each year donors across the county make financial gifts to the campaign. These gifts help sustain and grow over 100 progams that are
offered through the 34 United Way Partner Agencies.These agencies work together to ensure that all of the needs in each individual situation
are being addressed...not just one or two.


The 2017 Centre County United We Win Personal Campaign Pages
are a unique way for those who care about United Way and our community
to make a direct impact on the work we do.
By creating a Personal Campaign Page you can leverage
your personal contacts to raise money for a network of
agencies that are doing amazing work every day
to improve the health, education and financial stability of everyone in Centre County.

It is EASY to create your own Personal Campaign Page and share it with your friends, family, and network.
The staff at United Way are always available to assist you with any questions.



AND for EVERY Personal Campaign Page that is created  and shared with a minimum of 10 people, $100 will be donated to the Campaign Fund through a $50,000 match created by 2 of our most loyal and generous supporters!

The following supporters of Centre County United Way are raising money for the 2017 Campaign through the United We Win Personal Campaign Pages. You can click on their name to visit their page and make a donation to support their campaign:




Megan Evans






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