We Are Hiring!


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The Centre County United Way (CCUW) is seeking to employ a highly qualified candidate for the 
position of Executive Director.

The CCUW is seeking applications for the position of Executive Director from individuals with broad practical experience in fundraising, non-profit administration, grant making, marketing, and communications.
The Executive Director will steer the organization towards the CCUW’s Board of Directors’ strategic vision which include:
•    To be a widely-known, well understood, trusted and transparent philanthropic organization in 
Centre County, Pennsylvania.
•   To harness the power of data-based decision making for strategic investment and deployment of 
resources to meet its mission.
•   Become a philanthropic partner of choice offering personalized, engaging experiences that 
generate commitment, participation, and revenue.

The Executive Director reports to the CCUW Board of Directors.
 For more information and to apply for this position CLICK HERE!