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Focusing on Health

This is a story of a 24 year old married female who was referred to Centre HomeCare’s Maternal Child Program from Geisinger Women’s Health. She was in her first trimester of her first unplanned pregnancy to her husband. The couple was living with the husband’s parents. The husband was “blaming” the patient for getting pregnant on purpose. The patient is a PSU graduate, but not employable until she gets her green card. Her entire family lives in China. The Obstetrical Provider had the following concerns: • Patient has a minimal support system • Husband is non-supportive and desired termination of pregnancy • Patient does not drive/have own car • Patient is now isolated at in-laws home in Port Matilda • Patient has no income of her own – relies on husband for financial needs Maternal Child Nurse, Rhonda, made a visit to the patient’s current residence. She assessed the patient and there were no issues physically. The biggest issues are those listed above. Fortunately, the patient was receptive to many referrals to the community including Nurse-Family Partnership Program, WIC, Pregnancy Resource Clinic and the Gabriel Project. Through many phone calls and some additional visits, the patient was connected to all of these resources. With the help of the resources listed above and Centre HomeCare’s prenatal visits, the pregnancy progressed to full-term and she delivered a healthy baby girl. The patient reported that her husband is now “in love with the baby”. The patient’s mother flew here from China prior to the delivery and was able to be with her to offer additional support. At discharge from Centre HomeCare’s services, the infant was gaining weight; mom was breastfeeding well, they were enrolled in WICC, NFPP, Gabriel Project and scheduled to begin a parenting support group!