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Snapshots of Change

Education in Centre County
Sometimes, success in education means assistance with parenting.
During the winter I began college classes for an Associate’s degree in a Medical Assistant program.
At that time, I was receiving funding from Child Care Information Services (CCIS, a state funding source).
As time went on and I became loaded with schoolwork, I was unable to meet the working requirements for CCIS
and I was dropped from the program. I would no longer have childcare and wouldn’t be able to continue my schooling.
It was impossible for me to work and go to school at the same time. At this point, I applied and was accepted into the
United Way program (Child Care and Education Safety Net Program) to receive funding again.
This opportunity has been a blessing to my life! I am now 6 months away from graduation and have a very positive attitude
that I will be able to provide for my family much more easily now. I would not have been able to accomplish my goals
if it was not for this United Way program.


Income Stability in Centre County
Most of the time, it’s a hand up, not a hand out. Amy is a young woman who bravely served her country
and is making motherhood her top priority. She had a difficult childhood but was determined to go to college.
After six months of college on the GI Bill, she was deployed to Iraq, where she sustained significant injuries
from a roadside bomb. Determined to provide for her two-year-old daughter, she now works at a
local convenience store to supplement her military disability benefits. A raise of 20 cents per hour last summer
disqualified her for federalfuel benefits, but the Centre County Fuel Bank was able to provide her with fuel.
Because she had heat in her home, she and her daughter were able to ride out the winter safely and in good health.



Health Care in Centre County

Mental Health Care results in Improved Lives!
A woman terrified by her struggle with a chronic mental health disease,
took a chance on Strawberry Fields’ Fearweather Lodge and the CCUW partner network seven years ago.
She has shown astounding personal development. She used to struggle gathering her thoughts,
expressing her experiences, and she assumed she had nothing to share. Her success as a Peer Specialist at the Lodge
lead to her choice to move out of the Lodge on her own so she could provide more support to her family.
Now, she is developing into a leader, confident with her experiences, and is developing a knack for sharing
her experiences with others, either in a speaking forum, or one-on-one. She has made a difference in the lives of her Peers
and there has been an obvious growth that shows her work with her Peers has made an enormous difference in her life.