Funds Distribution

The Centre County United Way Annual Fundraising Campaign support
the health and human service agencies that make up the Partner Agency Network.

It is very important that the decisions as to how campaign funds are distributed be broad-based and include volunteers from all walks of life and all kinds of businesses throughout Centre County. Our community relies on these volunteers to act as stewards for funds allocated to partner agencies and to ensure that the donated dollars are spent where they are needed in the most efficient way possible.

We invite you to become part of that fund distribution process
by serving on a citizen review panel.

Once the annual campaign has wrapped up in January, we move in to the process of allocating funding to our partner agencies.
This is called the Funds Distribution (FD) Process
We could not complete this process without the help of community volunteers.
United Way Board and Staff members DO NOT make the decisions regarding how much each agency program should receive. 
We recruit volunteers from our community to represent the thousands of donors who contributed to the campaign. 
It is the best way for community members to better understand what the partner agencies do and the impact their programs have on everyone in Centre County.

The time commitment to volunteer is not overwhelming.  There are just a few steps you need to take to become a part of the FD team.

  1. You will need to complete the Volunteer Information Form and email it to  (10 min)
  2. You will need to complete the Site Visit Form and email it back to (10 min)  When completing this form we ask that you look at your schedule for the month of April and look at the list of site visits. Simply put your initials next to ALL of the visits you would be able to attend based on your schedule.  Each visit is 2 hours long and takes place as a ZOOM meeting.   We will then schedule you for the visits, along with a panel chair and 2 other volunteers.  You visit as a team!
  3. Attend a volunteer training via ZOOM. 
  4. Read the agency application(s), which will be emailed to you, PRIOR to attending the site visit. (1hr)
  5. Attend the 2 hour site visit(s) you are scheduled to attend. (2 hr. if 1 site – 4 hrs if 2 sites– 6 hrs if 3 sites)
  6. Review final panel reports that will be sent to you by the panel chair via email  (5-10 min)

So in total, you could potentially need between 4 hrs and 30 min to 8 hrs and 30 mins over the course of 1 month in order to volunteer!!

Not bad, right?!


The timeline for the 2022 Funds Distribution Process will be posted in February 2022.

If you would like to talk more about this process before you decide whether to participate, please call Megan Evans at 238-8283. Please leave a message with your name and number and she will return your call.  Or you can reach Megan by email at

Please understand that if you are already involved in the governance or operations of a United Way member agency, this could be construed as a conflict of interest, and we would place you on a panel visiting other agencies. 

You may be part of a large company or organization and may know of others who might like to become part of the process. People who have helped plan the campaign in their company are often interested in seeing where the money actually goes. People who know little about the United Way are also good prospects; it helps them learn it’s a process they can trust. You will learn more about the issues facing our community and what is being done to make Centre County a better place.

Please call the United Way office (238-8283 ext 22) or email
Megan Evans – –  if you are interested
in volunteering or have any questions about the process.
We look forward to having you on our team!